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Imperium Wealth Management is a fee-only wealth management firm that provides comprehensive advisory and investment services. Although this can mean different things at different firms, our goal is to have all things financial working in concert with one another to deliver a result in which the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

In working with you, we are held to a fiduciary standard ensuring that our recommendations are always delivered with your best interests in mind. We provide services on a fee-only basis, which we believe removes the conflict of interest inherent in selling investment products for commission.

The bottom-line is that when we are talking to you about your money, we want to make sure that we are sitting on the same side of the table as you to help you reach your financial goals, whether in retirement or building your assets.

Most of our clients are people that have already amassed a substantial amount of assets, and find that they either do not have the time, inclination, or expertise to continue to juggle the many facets of their financial lives. This is not just limited to picking the investments in their portfolio. It also includes debt management, retirement and/or college planning, knowing whether they can afford a major purchase while staying on track, making executive compensation elections, having the right insurance set up, coordinating an estate plan, or maximizing the efficiency of their taxes. In particular, we have developed a specialized niche of managing the executive benefits of AT&T executives.